The business economy today has grown a lot in the world. Even in India, we have numerous start-ups each year. This proves to be greatly beneficial for the country and its economy.

However, when so many businesses are blooming each year, it is difficult to gain fame in this community. With so much competition in every field and with every product, you have to do something very different to stand out.

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In order to try and address this issue, Google has come…

Businesses and technology have grown manifolds in the last decade. Nowadays we see everything taking place with the click of a button. Whether it is shopping, getting customers, and so on.

Considering how technology and digitization have become a major part of our lives, we cannot afford to stay away…

Technology has proved to be a boon in the 21st century. Every industry has received great benefits because of the advent of technology. It has helped integrate the world. Brought countries closer to each other than ever before. Relations have improved, businesses run better. Technology has proved to be a…

Kishor sasemahal

I am Kishor Sasemahal, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur of the 21st century. I am currently the owner of a Digital Marketing agency named ‘ColorQ Digital’,

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